A Glimpse into Godís World and Mine



Just lately, it seems in my life

I believe that I have changed

The way I feel about some things

Has now been rearranged.


Once Sunday, after Sunday School

An important decision, I made

From now on, Iím going to tithe

No longer this task will I evade.


We always think itís too much

Some funds then we would lack

The truth is, God is always giving

Far more, He gives back.


Iíve decided to forgive and forget

When I feel that Iíve been wronged

Holding grudges and harboring them

Should never be prolonged.


Itís wasted time and hurts the Lord

To think we canít forgive

When love and friendship are His plan

In the way that we should live.


One night at a Senior dance

I was sitting there alone

So Ė I joined another lady

Which put life on a happier tone.


Her balance, she said, was not the best

Though she was able to dance

But must be held securely

For falling, her life would not enhance.


We then chatted till that number was finished

Till the music came to an end

It filled a space of loneliness

And we each had gained a friend.


Iíve seen ďThe Passion of the ChristĒ

The movie that now holds sway

Scenes are etched in your mind

You just canít turn away.










You see the terrible cruelty and pain

That Christ bore for all mankind

It is very graphic

Will not be forgotten, not ever, you will find.


But have we really come so far

Arenít we cruel today?

Inflicting pain on friend or foe

All along the way.


Weíre pushing Christ away from us

Weíve complicated His world

Heís not welcome in our schools

Seems from everywhere Heís hurled.


We have our world in such a mess

And why is this so?

Because we are not following

His path Ė the way to go.


God sent His Son, His only Son

To die for our sins

Through Jesus we are pardoned

Through Him, evil never wins.


Therefore, free of sin, our choice can be

Yet another giftís been stored

ďThe gift of God is eternal life

Through Jesus Christ, our LordĒ.


I try to be a Christian

Not perfect Ė things I lack

But if I ask to be forgiven

The Lord will take me back.


May you have a Blessed Easter

See the goodness of God unfurled

And be aware of His precious Son

Who came bringing love to all the world.


By Katie Poppins