Green Tomato Relish

This is a wonderful, versatile recipe. 

I use it instead of pickles in my potato salad.

Just add a few tablespoons of this relish instead!


(from Nancy)


1 qt. ground green tomatoes

3 large sweet onions

2 sweet green peppers

2 cups sugar

l cups vinegar

3 Tbs. mustard seed

2 tsp. celery seed

1 tsp. turmeric (for your taste, maybe more)

1 Tbs. salt


Grind veggies. Put in large container. Add a handful of salt and water to barely cover.  Let soak 3 hrs. ( I have soaked overnight).   Place on stove and boil 10 15 minutes. Drain. Mix vinegar and spices with veggies and bring to boil.  Continue to cook for 20 min.  Pour and seal in hot sterilized jars. ( I put in hot water bath for about 20 minutes.

Note:  Use stainless steel pan and do not cover with aluminum foil.

This makes about 5 pints.