Thanksgiving Reflections



How different now Thanksgiving Day

Than in the year 1621

Held that time between Sept and Nov.

Was the date when it was begun.


Thanksgiving would last three days

An English Harvest Festival was planned

Always giving thanks

For freedom of worship in their land.


Their guests were the Wampanoags

Who were Native North Americans

They had been kind to the settlers

And now were included in Thanksgiving plans.


They didn’t sit down on fine furniture

Made later, after arriving there

Black and white was usually worn on Sunday

Colorful clothes were the weekly wear.


Their tables were not set with fine china

Forks, they didn‘t include

They did use spoons and knives

With large white napkins to pick up hot food.


They used lots of spices

There was salt on the table to share

However, pepper was only used for cooking

Salt and pepper were never a pair.


On their table Thanksgiving Day

Typical food you might see

Wild turkey, plums, grapes or nuts

Also lobster perhaps there’d be.


Their sugar had now dwindled

 There’d be no bread, pie or cake

At this time there were no ovens

In which to cook or bake.


Their goal was to find a place

Free to worship – land of the free

Their goal was reached and given to us

With the hope that it would always be.


By Katie Poppins

For SR Citizens News