Will It Be Wintertime or a Harvest


An old Jewish proverb says,

“For the ignorant, old age is as winter

For the learned, it is a harvest.




This old proverb is so true

If we don’t have plans and dreams

Our old age will be empty

With no morning sunshine, no evening moonbeams.


If we don’t mingle and have friends in our life

How lonely and cold it will seem

While we could have precious friendships

Who help us realize each dream.


We should take this advice early on

Keep our minds alert from the start

Build friendships with love and compassion

And helping hands to do their part.


One of the special gifts we harvest

May be large or small

It may be good – it may be bad

Or may be short or tall.


These special gifts I speak of

Are the grandchildren we receive

They entertain and surprise us

Awaken our understanding, even help us to believe.


Always press forward to attain a new goal

Replace frowns with a smile

Try to reach the peak of each mountain

For others – go that other mile.


We must keep our life ever youthful

Continually try for the best

Then we’ll never feel it’s winter

Have a yield of a beautiful harvest.