The Best Christmas Carmels with Walnuts

These are just the most wonderful “carmels” as us Rednecks write it! And just as easy!

2 cups brown sugar (I use light)

3/4 # butter

1 can sweetened condensed milk

2 cups white sugar

2 cups white Karo syrup

2 tsp. vanilla (I use vanilla paste, the brand is Mexican Vanilla Bean Paste made by Blue Cattle Truck Trading company which you can find at the better kitchen stores)

1 cup chopped fine walnuts (opt.)

Place ingredients in a 4 qt. cooking kettle, EXCEPT vanilla and nuts.

Bring to 245 degrees on candy thermometer.  Remove from heat, add vanilla and nuts.  Pour onto a parchment paper lined 17” X 12” jelly roll pan.  No muss.  Let cool naturally in a very cold place.  In South Dakota we just put pan on the bed in the back room, ha!  When cool, cut into squares with kitchen shears, then wrap individually with wax paper.  This makes quite a few so a very fun thing to share with your neighbors!